Oct 2011

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This full color book provides an approachable introduction to Photoshop Elements and offers tips and insights into the vital aspects of photo manipulation. The book will offer the clearest possible route to achieving great images with Photoshop Elements as illustrated with full color images. Do you have a digital camera, a computer, a printer and an Internet connection?Then, you’re set to go digital. But remember, even with this technology, you still need the imaginative idea and the enthusiasm to be entertained. Indeed, “Enhancing Digital Photography with Adobe Photoshop” is expected to greatly increase the digital imaging skills and creativity of professional photographers, imaging professionals, and enthusiasts. With this book, you can work through the examples or branch out with your own Photoshop ideas.

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Oct 2011

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The school offers scholarship opportunities on an annual basis and has added a number of new financial opportunities. For more information: he MFA program has two year and three year tracks, and a two year specialization in motion graphics. All three tracks have a similar structure: a core studio/critique class at the heart of the curriculum; a supporting set of required typography, history and theory classes; optional specialized classes within the graphic design program; and optional classes from other schools within the institution music, film, art etc. The program focuses on formal and conceptual experimentation, with the goal of finding an individual point of view and methodology within the field of design, especially in the area of typography. Worthington says that the attraction to the degree includes “the small and personal nature of the program, the fundamental desire to create form and to understand what you’ve made and how it functions in terms of culture and communication, and most of all, the desire to find an idiosyncratic design voice in an increasingly globally generic creative marketplace. Being such a small program, expectations are specific to each student.

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