Oct 2011

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Another great thing to do to stimulate creative thinking is asking ‘what if’ questions. Develop a list of things you would like to know. Try to answer a ‘what if’ question in many different ways. See how creative you can be. Go in detail with your answers and get really deep into answering what if something happened. There are plenty of ways to become a creative thinker and to help your brain to think creatively.

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Oct 2011

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Look for the day they publish the top performers for the past 12 months. Don't pay any attention to the longer term statistics. Each week you should look to see if your fund is still listed in the top 25. If it isn't, sell it and buy the one at the top. Simple. Forget the 3 year, 5 year and 10 year records. My philosophy is 'What have you done for me lately?'. As far as selling stock this is what I do. I keep at 10% trailing stop which I change every Monday morning with my discount broker. The open stop is 10% of the previous Friday's close. This may or may not be the top of the move but I don't care.

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